Katie is  a trained Suzuki violin and cello teacher. (Read more about Suzuki here. )     After teaching pure Suzuki method for violin and cello for 9 years, Katie has expanded her teaching to a hybrid style. She likes to focus on modern music as well as classical. Incorporating more than one style inspires students and has truly enhanced their success and their love of the instrument. WIth a mix of both classical and modern, the children learn technique as well as explore all that their instrument can do. The rock classical music scene has really expanded these past few years with various youtube artists such as the 2 cellos and Lindsey Sterling. It inspires Katie to teach this music and it inspires the students to learn it. 
On top of making music, Katie understands that teaching is about character first. If there is an opportunity for a character lesson, we take it!  Sensitivity is a developed skill, and the arts can really support creating sensitive players and people who turn into sensitive adults who appreciate the arts. It is for the good of all.  Here are just a few of the skills that dedication to an instrument can foster:
Problem Solving
Non verbal communication
...And many more!
Music truly is the perfect tool to help your child grow and develop with sensitivity and creativity.